Jul. 21st, 2014

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hey Guardian, can you not get better annoying advert cookies that would recommend me something I want rather than reminding me of all the things I have just gone and bought? Don't need any Clarks kids' shoes precisely for the reason you are recommending me them which is that I went on the Clarks website and looked at them AND BOUGHT THEM.

I'm watching that Child Genius thing on Channel 4. Many, many things I hate: picking out the mentalist parents, maintaining the stereotype of the high IQ test with the pushy parents and making it really hard for parents to get high IQ recognised as the special educational need that it is. And the whole class thing, the feeling that for a lot of the parents who're not =standard British middle class there's this misconception that this is what you need to be to get money and position in this country, and that if you excel in being bright this is what you will get. The bowties, the Tory values, like Chris Eubank trying to be posh without really knowing what it is and making yourself look just... odd. Been there, fought with that. There should be something better than this, really.


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