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I had a flashback to my previous life as a chemist.

I'm trying to find somewhere online to order this conditioner I buy at the hairdressers. What you need to know about me, right, I come across like some kind of odd ascetic because I never throw away anything that's working and I wear a jacket that is 15 years old. But it's not that I'm not into material possessions: I'm just really, really hard to please. The reason I'm still wearing that jacket is because I've been looking for a nicer one for the last 15 years and as yet have been unsuccessful.

So, to the conditioner. I never buy any of this shit because my hair is a lost cause and because every conditioner is the same. But not this stuff. Thiis stuff is like a fucking time machine. It gives me the hair that I had when I was 12 years old: all shiny and bouncy and I can get a comb through it without pain. Marvellous.

Anyway it's kind of expensive, so I'm looking for it cheap on the web. So I look up the name: aqua oleum. So for me, oleum is fuming sulfuric acid. When you mix it with water the dissolved sulfur trioxide reacts with the water, gets very hot - hot enough to boil - and boom you've just etched a negative of yourself going "aargh" on the opposite wall. I suppose they didn't really have me in mind when they were naming it though.

God I am so bored today. I've just taken the decision of my life and the WHOLE WORLD is open for me, I can do whatever I want. So what do I want to do? It's immobilising.
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